And Netflix has done it again with another cracking show. Okay, so You is technically a Lifetime show and is based on the book by Caroline Kepnes, but I watched it on Netflix.

It is a 10-episode series about how far Joe is willing to go for love. It turns out very far. He’s definitely willing to cross some questionable lines for the girl he believes to be "The One". By stalking Beck's social media and everyday life, he manages to get her to fall for him. But that doesn’t mean his obsessive behaviour stops.

It’s the kind of show you want to watch really quickly so you know what happens but you also don’t want to end too quickly because then it’s done.

 I would also just like to point out that when I first saw the trailer I said that I always thought Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl was a creeper.

Spoiler warning

Once I had watched the first 2 episodes I text my sister because I had some theories that I needed to discuss with her before I exploded.

Theory 1: Joe killed Mr Mooney, so he could take over the shop and have his car. This is why you never see him.

 Theory 2: He killed his ex-girlfriend Candace for cheating. He then fabricated the story about her running off to Rome with some guy, so no one reports her as missing.

 Turns out both my theories where wrong.

A quick google search on the second book does lead me to believe that Candace reappearing is no accident and leads to Joe leaving New York. But I guess we’ll all find out together, because they will definitely make a second season.

 The moral of the story is meant to be that social media is bad and we all over share and look how bad over sharing is. But personally I thought that Beck was a very whiney, unlikable character who took very little responsibility for her own life and acted like a child on many occasions. So I didn’t really care when she was locked in a glass cage and later murdered.