Thoughts on the 13th Doctor

If you know me in person, you will know that I am a giant Doctor Who nerd. Like, I can quote from Eccelston to Smith. Less of Capaldi, I wasnt a fan.

Now if you're one of those people that is easily offended, maybe don't read on because this is my opinion and I'm not going to defend myself on my own blog.

I 100% did not want the Doctor to be a women. To me, it felt like they were doing it for the wrong reason.There is already a lot of strong, powerful, capable women in Doctor Who and the Doctor didn't need to be changed to prove this. Have you seen River Song in action? And Amy Pond was definitely more badass than Rory.

I have very stubbornly said multiple times, I will not watch the new season. However, I am able to accept that a lot of people say the writing has massively improved, so I decided to give it a go and catch up.

At first, Jodie Whittaker sort of irritated me but I think it's because she was still regenerating and doing the not remembering thing and the joke got old fast. I did, however, instantly love Graham. He's just a very realistic old man, sort of like my dad. He's just like "Why are we running towards the alien" and "How long do I have to stand here, I'm getting cramp". I very much hope he has no character growth.

But after watching 3 episodes, I will admit I was wrong in refusing to watch it. She is pretty good and I liked watching it. She is no Tennent but I don't think anyone will be.

The writing has massively improved as well. It feels like there is going to be a consecutive, structured storyline this season, not the utter mess that was Moffat. It is so well writen now I even found myself crying at the Rosa Parks epidode.

My only complaint is the new Tardis. The stone and the orange makes it seem smaller which sort of defeat the object of the tardis.


  1. Anymore thoughts on the doctor now? I as tried to watch and saw a few of them. Including the rosa parks episode. I feel they were nicely done but I didn't feel gripped by them. Did a underlying plot emerge thought out episode? Was it a good idea? How was it expanded each week?

  2. I think it was good. A lot better than capaldi a million times better. I think she needs chance to grow in to the role no ones first season is epic and intense (accept eccelston). The new years episode wasnt great ill give you that but i do think she can be a good doctor. Also i love graham.


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