Stop skinny shaming !!

I have had to unfollow several people on Facebook recently, just for sharing/ posting these pictures:

These pictures do my absolute nut in. I can’t stand them. How come I can’t tell Fat Susan to get off her arse and put the ice cream down but Fat Susan can tell me I’m not a real women because I’m naturally skinny?

If I did say any of this to Fat Susan everyone would be like "Ohhh Amelia, you can’t say that, it’s too personal". So why can she openly skinny shame me?

 I have the same skinny genes that my dad and little brother have so are they not really men?

People skinny shame so much its ridiculous. We get told " we need to eat a good cooked meal" or told "no boy will fancy them if there too bony" and "real women have curvy waists". Who cares if we are just naturally skinny or spend 10 hours in a gym every week? As long as we aren’t ill, it’s no-one else’s issue.

Everyone is so down for promoting "real size" models but can I just ask what is a "real size" model? Is size 8 not a "real size"? Is my body imaginary?

I’m all down for accepting all healthy body size but why does bigging up one body type have to mean belittling another? 

Like comparing the Dove Real Beauty campaign to a Victoria’s Secret one. These companies have very different target audiences, as you can tell just by the women they choose. As a 22-year-old female, I don’t use Dove, but I own quite a bit of Victoria’s Secret. Dove is something I imagine my mum using.

Essentially the point of my rant is skinny shaming is just as bad calling someone fat. It’s just as irritating, it’s just as mean. So how about we all keep our unnecessary opinions to ourselves unless there is reason for concern.