Leeds Kitty Cafe

As a cat lady in training, it only seems right that I visit the Kitty Cafe in Leeds. All I can say is it was brilliant.

You pay a £6 fee to go and it is worth it because the money goes towards looking after the cats and making sure they are okay. The cats are all up for adoption as well, so you could go for a cuppa and leave with a kitten. If you are looking in to getting a cat you can always Click here to look who they have.

 Some of the cats are more friendly than others and they will get up on the tables and rub up round your ankles. But as you can imagine some cats may need a bit of a break as they are being stroked and handled all day every day.

There is one called Johnny who was just huge and majestic. He was so fluffy, he just looked like a big grey lion.

For all the people out there who are worried about the cats getting on the tables and touching the food, you do get these funky little pop up covers to put over your plates and protect your dinner.

Me and my mum only had cakes, but they were really nice. My lemon cheese cake was so creamy, and the biscuit base was really soft and crumbly. My only complaint is I didn’t get a spoon/fork for my cheesecake, I assume it was just an accident, but I ended up using the tea spoon that came with my mums chocolate orange hot chocolate.

We were doing it wrong though - there was a family opposite us who all had tuna sandwiches or potatoes and they were surrounded by cats.

The interior is all posh and purpose built for the cats. They have big scratchy walls and platforms for them to climb and sit on. So they are definitely kept entertained.

All in all, I will definitely go back. It’s such a good cause and it is a nice way to spend an hour. But I will be taking a larger bag to sneak a few of the kitties home with me....


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