Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Netflix are proper knocking out good shows at the moment and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is definitely one of them.

Now this isn’t a comparison post because I’m too young to remember Sabrina the Teenage Witch - it came out the year I was born. It’s not my fault!

 All I know is that The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a lot darker and messed up than the original.

The basic story line is Sabrina, a half witch half mortal, tries to balance her human life and friends alongside being pressured into her Dark Baptism and her commitment to The Dark Lord.

And just to make it a tiny bit cooler, it’s by Archie Comics - the same people who do Riverdale.

The show touches on a lot of creepy topics such as necromancy, human sacrifice and demon possession. I would say it may not be for the weak-hearted. 

But alongside all the dark story lines, it is very feminist. There are a lot of strong, badass women all the way through, and there is the feminist support group WICCA that Sabrina and her friends make to protect everyone.

SPOLIER WARNING: The final episode has made me need a second season. I have so many questions that I need answering. Why is Susie seeing Dorothea? Does she also have a power?
What the hell is Zelda going to do with Father Blackwood’s baby?
Does Hilda lose her virginity?
Why is Sabrina’s hair now white?
And I really want Sabrina to get it on with Nick!

There is literally only one thing that annoys me in the whole season, and that is at the end of the last episode Sabrina seems to have joined The Weird Sisters and they are all slow-motion walking looking cool. But Sabrina is wearing red when all the other girls are wearing black. There is clearly a dress code here and she is ruining the aesthetic. Get it together Sabrina!