Biona Organic vegan sweets

I recently bought some Biona Organic dinosaur vegan and gluten free sweets from Out of This World in Leeds.

Now I’m not vegan or anything like that, I have a very limited amount of food I actually eat to start with. However I am aware of why some people are vegan, so I thought why not give them ago. I also really bloody love sweets, all sweets.

 I’m not even picky. So I suppose the big question is would I buy them again? The answer is no I wouldn’t...

I got them for £1.80, I usually don’t spend so much on sweets, so I was splashing out here. You get like 10 sweets; the bag is huge and there is 10 sweets in it! A bag of Haribo’s are £1 and it’s like 3/4 full.
I might just be uncultured or something, but the texture is so odd. They look to have a sugar coating, but you can’t taste or feel that. They just feel moist and sticky and I can’t figure out why. I’ve eaten Wilkos vegetarian jelly sweets before and they did not have this texture. Is it something to do with the ingredients? If someone wants to explain this to me, I’m all ears...

Also I can’t figure out what the flavours are. I assume they’re supposed to be fruit, but I can’t find the fruit. There not bland or tasteless, I just have no idea what the taste is. 

Also my biggest complaint they don’t look like dinosaurs!!! 

This sounds like I’m proper hating them. I’m not, I just had higher hopes for the sweets. If you are a vegan then you might like them, I just don’t think they’re for me.