Kawaii brush cleansing egg

I am going to stand here and hold my hands up and admit, I really haaate cleaning my make up brushes. I can hear you all at home been grossed out so I apologise.

It's just that I use my brushes everyday so I don't have the time to clean them and dry them (and I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to blow dry them... I have though). But with the make-upless week I did recently, I have had the perfect opportunity to get them all done.

And as if the universe knew I was planning on doing them I got a nifty little brush cleaning tool in my Pink Parcel this month. Its the Kawaii Brush Cleansing Egg they are selling them on the Pink Parcel website for £6.99 so if you'd like to have a little look then just click here. 

I honestly think mine is amazing. It made cleaning my brushes so much easier and quicker. Before, I just made up how to clean my brushes, it invloved brush cleaner, baby wipes and tissue. But the Kawaii Brush Cleansing Egg made it so much simpler.

I just sprayed my cleanser into the brushes and let it soak for a minute I then used the top end with all the dotted bumps on to scrub the cleanser in and the long stripped bumps just remove all product and excess cleanser. Then I just rinsed them in warm water. Now I have clean brushes in half the time. And once you're done you just rinse the egg in water and all the make up comes off.

I honestly do think the Kawaii Brush Cleansing Egg is awesome and would recommend it to people who, like me, hate cleaning their brushes.