About me

So Im Amelia 22 and Im based in Yorkshire.

My friend was always trying to get me to blog so here i am

Its just going to be a life style blog, so we have reviews, event and random stories that happen in my life that are amusing.

I have sevrel tattoos so expect some stuff about that, i am also a trained hairdresser althought i dont work as one i still play around with my sisters hair. Also expect bits about the tv shows i watch, because who doesnt love a good box set.

I have a little rabbit called Frog and a gerbil called Polly so they will be around. I also love Disney, if i could be anything id be a Disney princess so defintly expect that to end up in here some where.

I am dyslexic so my spelling may a bit out there but i am defintly try. My sister said she can edit me when she isnt busy at uni, so some post will be fine others are left all down to me.

The title of the blog is just something i say because i am a bit ditzy and a giddy person. I am litturally the easest laugh any one can get.

That pretty much me and my blog so have fun looking through and understanding who my odd little brain works.

I would also like to add a quick disclamer about some of the photos that will apper. On the posts about shows or movies those pictures arnt mine I get them off alsort of places like IMDB, Google and Twitter.

Instergram: @almost.a.person